How to style a kid’s room without it looking child-like

It’s not that you want your kids to be seen and not heard.

Rather, you want their rooms to be able to evolve as quickly as they’re growing up.
No one wants to spend time and money kitting out a bedroom full of unicorns when the next minute they’re obsessed with trucks and trains.

Finding the sweet spot where the space is changeable but still is a reflection of everything your kids love is easy if you know how.

Start in neutral
Balancing out the colours in the room – toys, books and clothes are all colours of the rainbow – becomes easier when your starting point is neutral.

You’ll find styling the room easier to manage when you’ve got a neutral background – and it’ll have more longevity if their favourite colour changes every week.

Use a pin board
These are budget-friendly and allow your kids to express their personality in a creative way.

They’re also really easy to change around so your kids can redecorate as often as they like.

Furnish up!
Use budget-friendly shelves to create a platform for the kid’s evolving tastes and passions.

Whether their shelving is loaded with stuffed toys, video games or craft supplies, your kids’ possessions will have a home that’s not the floor.

Baskets and buckets

Don’t overlook how useful these can be

when you ask them to clean their rooms in a hurry. The room is less likely to get messy if everything has a place.


Build a reading oasis
Whether it’s a rug on the floor or a comfy chair where you can sit together, encouraging your child to read often will pay off in spades.