9 tips to help you keep your home life organised

Mess costs you time and money – not to mention the stress of living with the constant clutter on a day-to-day basis.

By getting organised and on top of the clutter by doing a little each day, you’ll spend less time on chores because there will be less to clean, less to maintain and less to tidy.



Decluttering and getting organised takes focus and a commitment

  1. Start to assess what clutter is and how to stop it coming in. If you don’t really need something, don’t bring it into the house to begin with.If you take something out of its place, immediately put it back when you are done with it.
  2. If clothes are dirty, put them in the wash and do a small wash each day. It’s easier to find 10 minutes each day to do the washing than it is to find over an hour on another day to get it all done at once.
  3. Create homes for items such as keys and bags. This will not only make them easy to find but they won’t add to any clutter in the house.
  4. Before putting items away that are laying around the house, group them together by person or type to make it easier. Loose change can also be put in a jar instead of all around the home.
  5. Keep things together by using containers. Make sure they suit the area and the items that you are storing. Example: spare batteries can be stored in a top cupboard in the kitchen in a small container.
  6. A lazy Susan can work really well in a pantry or on a kitchen bench to group items together and keep them easy to access.
  7. Don’t buy in bulk unless you have the space. It takes up valuable real estate in your home with very little benefit.
  8. And my favourite – share the load. Encourage other household members to put away their own stuff each day and not let it pile up around the house. Ten minutes a day will make a major difference.

Happy organising!