Decorating tips to keep summer alive at home

Let’s look at it realistically. Australia is definitely the lucky country when it comes to climate and there are super easy ways to keep that summer feeling alive at home!

Here are our tips on how we like to keep our homes as fresh and vibrant as summer, all year round.

Indoor plants and fresh flowers

Start by inviting nature inside. Plants provide a splash of green, keep the air fresh and add natural fragrances. Let’s resist the urge to choose typical indoor varieties. Go tropical with palms, succulents and cacti. For some additional natural bling, fresh flowers always make a room feel new, and each one has a powerful and unique perfume.

White and neutrals

Dark and muted colours add a cosy feel for winter, so opt for the opposite if you want to keep your home fresh, bright and clean. White and neutral colours bring summer into your home, adding extra light and heat by reflecting the sun’s rays.

These colours are the ultimate canvas, making everything else in the room pop. Add a splash of blue, green, or orange and yellow. You’ll see how much more vibrant those bold colours are against a neutral background.

Rattan is all the rage

Rattan remains oh so hot right now, and it mixes well with other raw materials like hemp and bamboo. That rustic and coastal feel is great for Aussie homes. Like the use of plants, these raw materials provide a link to nature while also giving your home an exotic feel.

Outdoor furniture

These days there are such beautiful examples of outdoor furniture that it seems a waste to relegate them to the backyard. Try an outdoor setting inside to accompany your raw textures and plants. The added bonus is durability.

Outdoor furniture is designed to last longer, and it’s tough enough to take anything the kids can dish out. To keep up with the latest trends, try chaise lounge chairs, Acapulco chairs, and outdoor day beds.

Summery prints and fabrics

Don’t limit the plant life to a few choice buys from the local nursery. You can build up the tropical feel with colourful flower prints and wallpapers. If floral wallpapers are too much, you can try decorating with floral drapery, paintings, bedding and cushions. But remember: Using floral prints involves making sure everything else is simple.

There’s no need to let the summer pass by. Lock it in so your household can enjoy the best months of the year, all year round. Create a link to nature so your interiors shine on through the cooler months.