How to choose the right facade for your dream home

First impressions are what counts in real estate. Selecting the facade of your dream home will be one of the most important decisions made during the home building journey.

However, given that there are scores of stunning designs to choose from, it’s not an easy decision.

With so much variety, here are a few simple tips to help you choose the right picture-perfect facade for your dream home.

Go with your gut

The hottest looks at the moment are Hamptons-influenced weatherboard and bold modern contemporary facades.

But while these styles offer the promise of popularity, they are complete opposites.

It’s important to stay true to your own individual style, Melissa says.

A facade is a real personal choice. We all have our own personal spin on what is visually appealing, but the facade is also going to be seen by your entire family and needs to match your lifestyle — that’s what it should come down to in the end.

To make the choice easier zone in on a few themes that appeal to you. Then, rather than automatically going with the market trend, carefully research the different options available to you.

Aim for synergy

A good facade should hint at what you’ll find behind the front door, making it vital for the inside and outside of the house to match.

Melissa urges home builders to aim for one continuous theme, which should flow from the street all the way through to the backyard.

This synergy in style should help guide you when choosing a facade, layout, interior colours and fittings.

Consider maintenance

It’s no secret that houses require time and effort to keep them in good condition. When it comes to facades, not all are equal when it comes to maintenance.

Pay close attention to the materials and finishes, think about how they will respond to the elements, and how often you will have to treat or clean them.

Having stained timber windows on the front of your house can be very appealing to some buyers, but there is more maintenance in upkeeping timber. Some people might steer away from that and stick to painted posts or aluminium windows.

Somebody who’s not as concerned about maintenance — they might be able to have people come in to give them a hand or they have a bigger budget — might be up for timber elements on the facade.

Consider windows and gutters and whether they will be easy to access.

Double storey houses may also pose some added challenges and may not be the right choice for everyone.

Focus on architecture

Colour can add instant appeal to a home, but colour palettes can be easily updated, it’s crucial to look past the paint and focus on the architectural elements.

Things like the shape of your home and the type of windows that are included create their own personality, so use more of the architectural elements to create your personal style, rather than focusing on colour.

Take a stroll around the neighbourhood to see what facades work with the area you are building in — it might give you some ideas.

Don’t let price hold you back

Facades can vary quite dramatically in pricing depending on a range of factors including finishes, forms and add-ons.

Sticking to a budget is important, but be cautious against foregoing something you really want or choosing the cheapest options on a facade. This will impact your end look and could lower your resale value.

Instead, plan to spend a little extra to achieve the kerb appeal you desire, as you should go with your gut feeling as to what appeals to you. It’s often such a small amount in the scheme of things to create the impact and the environment that you want to live in.