A New Lifestyle Option for Yeppoon

You may be aware that Keppel Developments, the creators of Sea Haven and The Shoals estates in Yeppoon, have lodged an application with Livingstone Sire Council to develop a Over 50’s Lifestyle Living Community on the land west of Carige Boulevard. 

These communities have proven to be very popular Australia wide, and now it’s Yeppoon’s time to enjoy this style of living.

Keppel Developments will be partnering with one of Australia’s proven developers and operators of these Communities that provide exceptional facilities with a range of quality and affordable options. They pride themselves on creating fun-loving, gated communities that allow homeowners the freedom to relax or stay active, take an extended holiday and, best of all, make new friends.  

These communities are sometimes referred to as retirement resorts. There is no need to be retired, but you will enjoy the security and relaxed attitude as if you were. They are also sometimes known as Land Lease Communities, as while you own your own home, you are leasing the land. This is what entitles you to access to all the facilities of the community. In Queensland, the legislation that governs this style of community is the Relocatable Home Park Act. Unfortunately, the title of this Act can potentially conjure up some undesirable and misleading images, whereas the truth is, there will be no relocating of homes, just luxury community living.

Examples of what you can expect can be viewed by searching over 50’s lifestyle living on the web. 

Ultimately, the community will comprise 286 homes plus extensive community facilities. The full extent of the community facilities is yet to be determined but may include a club house with bar and dining options, function room, men’s shed, swimming pool, gym, lawn bowls, library, caravan storage, etc.

The location of the community has been well considered and was chosen for its many features that will enhance the lifestyle of its residents. The site is on the western side of Carige Boulevard where it is nestled behind the extensive natural vegetation of Ross Creek, providing separation, whilst still being in close proximity to the Sea Haven Residential Estate. Shopping centres, medical centres, hospital, convenience centre, Yeppoon’s CBD, Tavern, beaches and many more facilities are all within a radius of 3km.

Close attention has been given to Environmental issues in the planning of this development. Ross Creek is on our eastern boundary where it forms a local biodiversity corridor and is mapped as containing vegetation of state significance. Aside from the access road to the site from the roundabout at Carige Boulevard and Havenwood Drive, this area will be completely preserved.

This road crossing has a current approval under stringent environmental conditions that will ensure disturbed areas are rehabilitated and revegetated with appropriate species from the surrounding Regional Ecosystem. To ensure the long-term conservation of this area, it will be either dedicated to Council as an environmental covenant or transferred to Council as freehold land in trust. The majority of the development area is a grassy paddock that has been used for cattle grazing.

With Ross Creek as a major feature of the site, we have also been quite attentive to the potential for flooding. The creek is generally dry but does flow after rain and in prolonged rainfall events can cause flooding, particularly at Taranganba Road. An extensive flood study has been undertaken and areas on the development area that are susceptible will be elevated to ensure it is free from flood risk. The crossing on Taranganba Road is in Council’s future work plans for a major rebuild to make it flood immune also.  

In addition to the Environmental and Flooding reports we have also obtained expert reports on the impacts of Bushfire and Traffic, as well as the provision of services to the development such as water, sewerage, and electricity. If you have any queries, we expect we have the answers, so don’t hesitate to contact us on info@kepdev.com.au.

The traffic report has identified the increasing congestion at the Taranganba Road – Tanby Road intersection. The development of our community will see the intersection receive a signalisation, of which we will be a major contributor, to increase safety and the ease of traffic flow. 

You may be interested in considering a residence in this Lifestyle Community for yourself or friends or relatives. It’s early days yet, but you can register your interest by email, and we’ll let you know as news comes to hand.

Warm regards, Keppel Developments.